I Am Prepared To Bear Your Company And Do It With A Thankful Heart


Dead At 5

Neither Wind Nor Thunder With The Rain

The Hour is Getting Late

The Recollections of Wyatt Earp: How I Met Doc Holliday

The Recollections of Wyatt Earp: How I Became A Lawman

The Recollections of Wyatt Earp: That Incident With Clay Allison

The Shovel

Crosses: An Excerpt From A Novel In Progress


(Not So) Dominant

Whiskey Delirium

I Have Wings


Sorry About The Money

Actually, Mr. Benedict…


Bale’s Game

Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9


The Invisible Skein     (with artist Amanda Hayes)

A Wicked Little Town     (with artist Keith Perkins)


Do Not Go Gently: Thoughts on Harlan Ellison

Four Color Memories

Installment The First: In Which Parameters Are Set

Installment The Second: In Which Fear And Loathing Is Entirely Appropriate

Installment The Third: In Which Questions Arise And Problems Are Solved

Installment The Fourth: In Which Worlds Collide

Installment The Fifth: In Which We Meet The Three Kings

Installment The Sixth: In Which We Happily Spend Money Like Good Little Consumers

Installment The Seventh: In Which We Speak With Gerry Conway

Installment The Eighth: In Which We Briefly Look Forward And Not Back

Installment The Ninth: In Which Who Is Most Definitely Not On First

Installment The Tenth: In Which We Take A Walk Down Baker Street

Reviewing Sherlock Holmes – Part 2

Installment The Twelfth: In Which We Say Hello To Another Universe

Installment The Thirteenth: In Which We Catch Our Breath

Installment The Fourteenth: In Which A Crisis Is Brewing

Installment The Fifteenth: In Which Worlds Will Die And Head Wills Hurt

Installment The Sixteenth: In Which We Visit The Aardvarkian Age

The History of Comics: Prologue

The History of Comics: Part 1 – 1956-1960

Four Color Musings

Installment The First

Installment The Second

Installment The Third

Guerilla Geek

The Cowboy Way

Review: Sweets 1-4


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