Originally distributed in the email list Digital Assaults


“Who are you?” The Interrogator asked.

“No one.” It came out in a quiet gasp. It was all He could manage now. It had been hours since He had sipped water, days since He had eaten.

“Everyone is someone,” the Interrogator stated. Its voice was mechanical but it still managed to convey incredulity amidst the clicks and whirrs of its central processor.

“Not anymore,” He whispered.

More buzzing and clicking came from the Interrogator. “Explain.”

“We’re leaving the system behind. No more names, no more numbers. If you can’t catalogue us, you can’t control us.”

“Your logic is faulty.”

“I have no logic, I am meat.”

The Interrogator smiled as it raised his arm and shot a bolt of electricity through Him, killing Him instantly.

It clicked and whirred as it filled out the disposal form, under the entry for name it put the word “Meat”.


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